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ACT and connect for INtegration: language learning and cultural awareness

Our aim

ACTIN aims to support and reinforce the integration and inclusion of migrant children and adolescents in education and by extension in European society as a whole.

How we will achieve this aim

  • Through vocabulary, grammar learning, language-and-content learning, and cultural awareness activities that can empower migrant young learners in schools.

  • Through activities that involve migrant families and local communities that can build strong community bonds between migrants and locals.

  • By conducting high-quality training seminars for educators and professionals supporting the integration of migrants in the host countries.

  • By adopting a school mentoring scheme to support educators.

  • By creating an online open source with teaching and learning materials (videos, podcasts, protocols, etc.) across different languages and making it accessible to everyone.

Our approach

  • Our approach draws from cutting-edge language learning activities, such as pedagogical translanguaging, focus on form, language-and-content learning activities, and socio-cultural facilitative activities.

  • The activities use evidence-based and innovative methods and take into consideration learners’ individual variability to promote agentivity, critical thinking, inductive learning and analytical skills.

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